Joshua's Purpose

Above all, Joshua believes in people and what they can become. Whether it’s in consulting or coffee conversation with friends, Joshua creates space for people to practice the behaviors that grow themselves, their teams, and their businesses.

Husband, father, amigo, founder, and author

These are a few of the titles Joshua proudly wears. Husband to Trisha for over 18 years and father to four amazing children, Joshua enjoys spending time with his family – as well as running, travel, an eclectic mix of music, reading, and all types of games. Between work and home, you can also find Joshua grabbing coffee or beer with his friends, chatting about life, philosophy, and what’s next.

“Work is love made visible.” –Kahlil Gibran

When done well, work can be a place for profound personal growth and impact. After studying International Business and Spanish, Joshua spent a decade helping companies around the world appreciate the potential of “their” people.

In 2015, Joshua took a leap of faith and co-founded Econic, an innovation, transformation, and strategy consulting company. Together with his team, Joshua has sparked change at organizations like John Deere, US Bank, P&G, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Ameritas, and Teach for America.

Pursuing greater ripples of impact

In 2022, Joshua took another leap and began his journey as an author. Dare to Be Naive was born as a result: a call to action for leaders to unleash greater ripples of impact in their lives and business. Through the book and Econic, Joshua envisions a world where the workplace continues to evolve and enable humans to tap into their full potential.

Unlock your team's full potential