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Keynote Topics


Dare to Be Naive

Did you know the best leaders choose to be naive? Oftentimes what keeps people from doing the best work of their life is a limiting belief about how things should be done. And yet, challenging these stories and ideas is exactly what is needed to unlock more impact and fulfillment in life and work. Through an interactive experience, Joshua shares key tips and a simple framework to start challenging limiting beliefs today.


The Power of “Both/And” Thinking

In today’s rapidly changing environment, developing greater strategic thinking and organizational agility is crucial. Leaders who move beyond traditional “either/or” thinking and embrace the “both/and” approach can improve their resiliency, innovation, and readiness for change.


The Future of Work

In recent years, organizations have been forced to reimagine where and how people did work. Now, leaders must intentionally design the work systems of the future. Through examples of some of the most successful, progressive companies, Joshua offers a thought-provoking look into the future of work and inspires leaders to stay ahead of the curve.


Doing Good in Business is Good for Business

More and more consumers, employees, and stakeholders are interested in how business happens at their favorite companies. Having a successful business that benefits more than just shareholders is not only possible, it’s desirable. Drawing on research and entertaining anecdotes, Joshua will help the audience see how it’s possible to generate both a positive Return on Investment and profound Ripples of Impact.


Rave Reviews

“Our behaviors and beliefs power much of the success we experience in business and life. When we pause and create space to reflect on what we believe, we realize some of those beliefs are self-limiting. Through anecdotes and provocative business ideas, this book will help you create that space.”

NIR EYAL, WSJ Bestselling Author of Indistractable and Hooked

“The wise leader moves beyond “either/or” thinking and begins to embrace more of the “both/and”. Through compelling stories, business practices and provocative questions, Joshua creates space for leaders to explore their emerging wisdom.”

CHIP CONLEY, Hospitality Entrepreneur and NYT Bestselling Author

“Having worked with Joshua for several years, Joshua has stretched my own thinking, creativity and introspection as a leader. Joshua is an innovator that cares about people and has a unique approach to solving problems and helping others. His insights are relevant to individual leaders as well as to teams.“

ERIC MOOSS, CEO Bryan Medical Center

“This provided me with a refresh and a shot of courage. You’ve also made me question myself and reflect on losing my way in the “give first” mentality. I’ve allowed an extremely busy, all-growth, Private Equity environment to be my crutch for not focusing on people first. You really have something cooking with this topic.”

DAN ARNOLD, Senior Vice President of National Operations at Protos Security

“My initial inclination to the word ‘naivete’ is quite negative. After college and now years in business, I have become quite jaded. Trust does not come easy. After reading your book, I feel more equipped to identify beliefs that may be limiting, question them, and to let my authenticity into the room again. I’m looking forward to this journey of unlearning and choosing a path that leads to the new ROI (personally and professionally).”

PEGGY CHRISTENSEN, Enterprise Software & Data Services Manager, Hamilton Telecommunications

“Behavior change is hard because we’re often in the dark about what makes us tick. Dare to Be Naive provides a simple framework to help you discover the beliefs that shape your behavior and the behaviors of those around you.”

AARON DIGNAN, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host and Author of Brave New Work


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